Study: The 10 most expensive places to get a speeding ticket in Colorado

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DENVER — Getting caught speeding is an expensive proposition in Colorado — and not just because of the face value on the ticket.

NerdWallet figured out the total cost of being ticketed for driving 20 mph above the speed limit in each Colorado city, including the auto insurance rate increase that nearly always comes with being busted. While the ticket itself might only cost $232, your total cost over a period of years could be several times that, the website reported.

Overall, the average insurance increase for Colorado drivers after a 20 mph speeding ticket is $135.61 per year, and insurance increases often last for three years. That means a $232 ticket actually costs drivers $638.83.

However, drivers in some cities pay more than drivers in others. For example, a driver in Montrose might only pay $101.58 more in car insurance premiums after a ticket, whereas a driver in Fort Morgan with the same speeding ticket will pay $178.57 more per year, according to the study.

Speeders who feel they’ve been gouged by the City of Denver may be surprised to learn that Denver is only the 11th-most expensive city in which to get busted — Aurora, Pueblo, Colorado Springs and even Greeley are worse.

The bottom line: Don’t speed. And if you do, don’t do it in Fort Morgan, Castle Rock, or Evans.

 True Cost of Speeding in CO


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