Alleged marijuana pipeline between Colorado and Oklahoma shut down

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While adults over the age of 21 can still legally possess and use marijuana in Douglas County, commercial marijuana operations have been banned in the conservative county.

OKLAHOMA CITY — Officials have stopped an alleged pot pipeline between Colorado and Oklahoma, KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City reported.

The station reported nine people, including five from Colorado, face federal charges of conspiring to traffic large amounts of drugs.

“We are seeing the collateral effects of the new laws passed in Colorado,” Oklahoma Board of Narcotics spokesman Marc Woodward said. “We are seeing more shipments that are coming in from Colorado and we’re not talking about ounces or grams, we’re talking about 50, 150, 200 pounds of high quality marijuana coming out of Colorado.”

Court records show the suspects planned to move 30 to 50 pounds of marijuana per month for four years.

“There’s a darker side than what’s being portrayed coming out of Colorado and we have to deal with it everyday,” Woodward said. “Obviously, we are going to see more marijuana. It certainly creates more work for us having to stop more shipments that are coming in.”

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