Wrong headstone placed on mother’s grave, family fights to get mistake fixed

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Wrong headstone placed on mother's grave at cemetery in Bennett, Colo.

Wrong headstone placed on mother's grave at cemetery in Bennett, Colo.

BENNETT, Colo. — It’s a final resting place for our loved ones.

But for a Denver woman, the cemetery where her mother is buried is causing her great anxiety.

That’s because her mother’s gravesite at Mount View Cemetery in Bennett has the wrong headstone on it.

“It made me depressed. How can someone do that to my family?” questions Kimberlee Wilson.

She didn’t think she could feel any worse after losing her 49-year-old mother in January. “My mom’s name is Karen Pinzenscham Rodriguez.”

That is, until she came to visit her gravesite three weeks ago. “Why is someone else’s name on my mom’s grave?” asks Wilson.

That name was a complete stranger’s: Ruby Minshall Mielke.

“It’s upsetting for two families, not just ours. But for where this grave marker is supposed to be, which is about 100 yards south of us,” says close friend, Patrick Morris.

Mielke’s headstone should have been cemented here by these blue markers.

“A big mistake that shouldn’t have even happened. They should know where people are buried,” says Wilson.

It’s a mistake Karen’s family told the town about repeatedly.

“I hear every week it will be removed Friday. It will be removed Friday. It will be removed Friday,” says Morris about the town’s response to the mistake.

“We think we marked the right location,” says Bennett Mayor Sue Horn.

Town leaders say they’re unsure why Sterling Monument Company placed the headstone on the wrong grave.

But they say Sterling assured them they’d fix it.

“We called them up. They said they would move it and gave us the date of May 8th to take care of it. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason they did not make it,” says Bennett Administrator Trish Stiles.

“It’s a difficult time when you lose a loved one. The last thing they need is a complication like this. So we will try to get it straightened out as soon as we can,” says Horn.

That fix comes this Friday, May 16.

“I come here every day almost every day to see my mom,” says Wilson.

So Karen’s family can again feel peace when they come visit.

“She gave respect to everybody else, she deserves it now,” says Morris.

We did not hear back from Sterling Monument Company as to how this mistake came to be.