Watch spectacular supercell take form in Wyoming

DENVER — Storm chasers in Wyoming took stunning photos of a supercell thunderstorm taking shape Sunday.

The crew behind the time-lapse video is Basehunters, out of Norman, Okla.

The storm formed over northeast Wyoming.

According to the National Weather Service, “Supercells are highly organized storms characterized updrafts that can attain speeds over 100 miles per hour, able to produce extremely large hail and strong and/or violent tornadoes, downdrafts that can produce damaging outflow winds in excess of 100 mph – all of which pose a high threat to life and property.”

Ideally supercells form when winds are veering clockwise with height.  The winds produce storm-scale rotation, meaning the entire cloud rotates.

This can cause the cloud to have a corkscrew appearance.

Weather Adventures also posted a photo of the supercell on their Facebook page.

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