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Armed robbery, carjacking suspect drives wrong way on I-225, I-25 during chase

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DENVER -- Police stopped a fleeing suspect following a chase who they say was driving the wrong way on both I-225 and I-25 across Aurora and Denver.

Aurora police said they were chasing an armed robbery and carjacking suspect from the Home Depot store at I-225 and Mississippi late Tuesday afternoon.

It traveled south on I-225 and then north on I-25. At least one Aurora police car was damaged and officers say some other vehicles were damaged as well. But no one got hurt during the wild rush hour chase.

Police radio traffic indicated Aurora police chased the suspect north on I-25 to Hampden. They asked for help from Denver. The suspect went west on Hampden and then into a residential neighborhood. He came back out and got on I-25 heading the wrong direction.

Radio traffic said he was driving on the shoulder of the Interstate during rush hour.

They stopped the suspect heading the wrong way on the ramp from Evans to southbound I-25.

Aurora Police say he bailed out of a minivan and attempted to carjack another driver.

The suspect was placed under arrest. The incident ended safely with no injuries to anyone.

Investigators say the suspect is no stranger to run-ins with law enforcement officers.

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  • Fisher

    Driving in the wrong direction of the freeway will definitely help with the getaway. It works in the movies, but not in real life.

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