Denver Police warn about crime plot targeting marijuana businesses

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DENVER — Denver Police with a warning about a plot targeting marijuana dispensaries that could put the public in danger.

The department says it received credible information about this plan and now want us all to beware.

It says the plot involves robbing marijuana dispensary couriers that deliver money, and other goods, to pot shops all over metro Denver.

Det. Mary McIver, police spokesperson, says pot businesses–recreational and medical–should be on alert and aware of their surroundings while doing their jobs.

McIver wouldn’t give details of how the couriers could be robbed. She says she doesn’t want to risk their investigation.

But she says even if you don’t step foot inside pot shops, the crime alert should be of equal concern to you.

“Because a courier is traveling. So they could be driving next to a courier and something may happen. It’s good for the public to know about this. Make sure they know what’s going on around them. They look before they get in their car, look when get out of their vehicle. It’s all safety issues,” says McIver.

There are more than 300 dispensaries in Denver alone. So this target is a large one.

Police say keep your eye out for anything suspicious and unusual around pot shops.

Anyone with knowledge about the plot is asked to contact Metro Denver Crime Stoppers, 720-913-STOP (7867).