Vail to host GoPro Mountain games this weekend

VAIL, Colo. -- Professional and amateur athletes from around the world are in Vail this weekend.  They’re testing their skills in the GoPro Mountain games -- the country’s largest celebration of adventure sports.

Slacklining is one of the nine sports features, it’s similar to tightrope-walking with tricks.

The snow is gone at Vail and so are the skiers, but the adrenaline is still pumping.

Slacklining is Chris Wagers’ favorite extreme sport.

“It’s insane, when I land a new trick. I get off and my hands are shaking, I’m just so excited,” said Wagers.

The 16-year old from Boulder, is balancing on the slackline and competing to earn a scholarship.

“The atmosphere of the crowd is really great. They just want to see slacklining and have a good time with it,” Wagers said.

Friday he wowed the crowd with jumps and tricks.

One of the best slackliners in the world is 16-year old Alex Mason -- the reigning World Cup Champion.

“I really like the challenge of it, so I keep doing it,” said Mason.

The crowd keeps them going, but it only does so much when they’re trying to stay up on a 2-inch trampoline.

Mason said, “Last year, I broke my arm. I fractured some stuff, put ribs out of place, sprained some limbs.”

No matter how many times they fall, they keep getting back on the slackline in search of a new adventure.

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