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Golden Fire: Man who jumped in Clear Creek still missing

GOLDEN, Colo. — Rescue crews began searching Clear Creek Saturday morning for a man who reportedly fell in the previous night.

Shortly after 9 a.m. Saturday, Golden Fire Rescue said in a tweet that crews were about to begin searching the waters of Clear Creek for a male victim believed to be in his 30s.

Friends of the victim told rescue officials that they saw him jump into the creek Friday night at Kayak Park, but never saw him come out.

The City of Golden had closed the waterway to most recreation.

“A lot of people come in. There’s a lot of water and jump in and they don’t know how much force is here,” Golden resident and occasional kayaker Ross Burns told FOX31 Denver’s Tammy Vigil.

“It was really late. We are not sure what they were doing and why they decided to jump in the creek. But it was a very bad decision to do that,” Golden Fire spokesperson Karlyn Tilley said in regards to the missing man.

It’s an especially bad decision because of the water’s extreme force right now.

It’s running at more than double what it usually does at 1,600 cubic feet per second.

“It’s at least five to six feet above normal,” Burns said.

The waters are also frigid and filled with dangerous debris.

“(Firefighters) cannot get into the middle of the creek,” Tilley said. “It’s too dangerous. It’s also unlikely that if there is a victim, they’d be in the middle. They’d most likely be off to the sides.”

Wheat Ridge, Arvada and Adams County Fire Rescues joined in the search for the victim, combing through their respective areas of the creek.

Golden Fire said crews searched the creek from Golden to Adams County for several hours Saturday morning along the banks of the creek, but their efforts were hampered by the high, fast-moving water.

The search for the victim was called off around 1:40 p.m. Saturday.

As of Sunday morning, Golden police and firefighters said the man was still missing and it was uncertain as to when they would resume the search.

If the man’s body is found, Golden Police said they would then begin an investigation.

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