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CBI unveils new sex offender website

A screenshot of Colorado's new sex offender website.

A screenshot of Colorado’s new sex offender website.

DENVER — The Colorado Bureau of Investigations announced the launch of the state’s new sex offender website Wednesday.

According to CBI, the new site, which houses more than 16,000 records, has enhanced navigation, additional information and more extensive search databases involving registered sex offenders throughout Colorado.

Towards the end of the two-year project, a sex offender registry search and mapping application went live in May 2014. It have since been upgraded so the tool can be accessed easily from any device, CBI said.

Other upgrades included the addition of a notification module, which enables users to be notified if a sex offender has moved into any of the zip codes added to their “Watch List.” Users are alerted through weekly emails about any changes to the notification module, CBI added.

CBI also said the updated site provides pictures of the registered sex offenders and detailed conviction information.

“Changes to the website will provide visitors with a robust resource to access Colorado’s sex offender information,” CBI director Ron Sloan said. “The dedication of the team working to make this project a reality has enhanced this valuable tool to increase public safety throughout the state.”

The new site will also be a more efficient and effective tool for law enforcement, said CBI, improving agencies abilities to share information.

Visit the site at Sor.State.Co.Us.

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