Generosity of strangers allows dying father to pass old truck on to daughter

DENVER -- A Dying Colorado father may have just precious moments left with his 12-year-old daughter. Thanks to the generosity of strangers, he has something to pass on to her that has been passed down in his family for generations.

Madison Avent has just one birthday wish. “I just want my dad to get well,” she told Willie B, a radio personality for KBPI.

But, Madison knows that’s a tall order. Her dad Dallas has stage four brain cancer. Instead, she offers this advice, “You never know when something might happen. Spend every day with them.”

Willie B told his listeners, “I promise, a five minute conversation with a 12-year-old girl will make you reprioritize your entire life.”

Touched by her story and wanting Madison to have something to remember her dad, volunteers went to work, restoring something that’s been in the family for decades: a 1969 Ford F-100 pickup truck.

“My grandfather bought it new from day one,” Dallas said. “He had given it to my dad, then my dad passed it on to me, and now we`re in the process of passing it to my daughter."

Madison said, “I’ve been in it for as long as I can remember. Driving around, going to 7-Eleven, getting Slurpee’s and all that.”

It took two and a half weeks of hard work, but volunteers refurbished the old truck with so many memories.

“It was all just plain blue,” Madison remembered. “I’m just speechless,” she said. And so was her father, “It’s just amazing, I don`t know what words there are.”

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