Embattled El Paso County Sheriff Maketa to face commissioners

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Tuesday will be the first time El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa will face county commissioners since they told him to resign a few weeks ago. And while that is going on, a group of residents are hoping to gather about 44,000 signatures in hopes they can get a recall on the ballot.

Despite being asked to resign, Maketa said he will finish out his term in January. And although commissioners voted unanimously, it's not mandatory that Maketa step down.

The last time Maketa was in public, he provided an update on the Black Forest Fire and the attention quickly turned to his alleged affairs and how he was running his office.

"As I've said I am staying here until this investigation is completed," Maketa said. "There's a lot of fact that are going to come out after this independent investigation is completed and I think the community deserves to hear those facts before any more judgments, executions or determinations of guilt are made."

"Nobody is pointing a finger," commissioner Peggy Littleton said. "These are allegations and i really would ask, just think about others, not self, in humility earn back a bit of the public trust. earn back the respect that you once held in this community and resign."

Since Maketa is an elected official, he cannot be forced out of office unless there's a recall. The hearing is expected to begin at 9 a.m.