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Officials believe one person died in explosion that obliterated house

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THORNTON, Colo. -- Investigators says one person was inside a house in Thornton when a massive explosion destroyed it Thursday afternoon. That person has not been found and was believed dead.

The homeowner told police there was a vehicle at the house that indicated a person was inside at the time of the explosion.

The home, located at 13072 Monroe Drive, was obliterated, spraying debris more than a block away and showering pink insulation onto rooftops.

The Thornton Fire Department confirmed a structure fire in the area about 3:06 p.m., while witnesses reported feeling the ground shake and seeing a smoke plume at the same time.

RAW VIDEO: Explosion rocks Thornton neighborhood

Neighboring homes showed signs of serious damage. Utilities and fire officials were trying to determine whether the explosion was caused by gas or something else.

Twenty firefighters responded, TFD said. A lingering fire was extinguished by 4:30 p.m.

Numerous roads in the neighborhood were closed.



  • gurv

    “Investigators says??” Pick one – An investigator says” or “Investigators say” but c’mon, get it right. It’s the first two words of the article!

    • Deb

      Someone lot their life, a family lost its home and ALL belongings and all you can comment on is the English gaffe?!? How crass!!! My prayers go out to all affected by this tragedy. Prayers for you also that you may become more sensitive to others and think less of yourself (and your idiosyncrasies). How would you feel if this happened to you/your loved ones and someone replied the way you did?!?

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