Volunteers needed to keep watch on young bald eagle in nest

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ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. -- Near Barr Lake, a family of Bald Eagles have taken up their tree-top residence in an old dead cottonwood tree near the E-470 highway. Because the nest is so close to power lines and the highway, the Raptor Education Foundation is asking for volunteers to help ensure the new bird's safety.

“We want to make sure this new eagle gets her first few flights in without any problems,” says foundation ecologist, Anne Price. “This is a very difficult time for a new bird, trying to work those huge wings, never knowing how to fly, it can be very difficult.”

Price says a very small percentage of new eagles make it through their first few years. The hope is this one will have very good luck, in year one, and perhaps will come back to this nest—which is more than ten years old and has been used by other raptors like hawks and falcons.

If you would like to help in the process with this real life wild kingdom event, contact the REF at:  email raptor2@usaref.org with the times and days you are available to watch the nest. The Raptor Education Foundation office number is 303-680-8500.