Newly crowned Miss Delaware, 24, loses title for being too old

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DOVER, Del. -- A woman who was recently crowned Miss Delaware says she's losing her title for being "too old." But the organization says there's a rule that makes her ineligible.

"I was completely shocked when I found out Tuesday because all of this was verified," said Amanda Longacre, who said she won the Miss Delaware 2014 title fair and square. "I had given all of my documents: my birth certificate, my Social Security card, my driver's license."

But this week, she was told she was too old to compete.

"I've been truthful and honest this whole time," she said. "I provided everything to them. And this is a mistake that happened on their part."

The Miss Delaware Scholarship Organization awarded the title to runner-up Brittany Lewis.

"I'm so ecstatic," Lewis said. "I'm so great to be a representative of the state of Delaware."

Lewis could not comment on the controversy.

"The contestants cannot turn 25 before Dec. 31, 2014,"said Elizabeth Soucek, the organization's legal counsel. "She's turning 25 on Oct. 22, 2014, which makes her age ineligible."

But answering how or who overlooked the age could not be discussed.

"As you may understand, because this may end up as a lawsuit, I'm not at liberty to discuss that at this time," Soucek said.

Longacre said she is exploring her legal options. She says not only because she wants to win back her title, but also on the line is the $11,000 scholarship she won.