Survey: 9 percent of CU-wide faculty identify as Republicans, 42 percent as Democrats

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University of Colorado in Boulder

DENVER — A University of Colorado study found only 9 percent of faculty and 17 percent of students across the four campuses identified themselves as Republicans, the Board of Regents was told at a meeting Thursday. At the Boulder campus, only 6 percent of faculty identify themselves as Republicans.

“Where is the diversity in our political affiliation or political philosophy among faculty?” said Republican Regent Sue Sharkey, the Boulder Daily Camera reported. “That is a really small number, so that’s a concern. And the same with our students. As a Republican, that concerns me.”

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The survey also found:

*5.7 percent of faculty on the Boulder campus described themselves as Republicans.

*40.6 percent of faculty on the Boulder campus described themselves as Democrats.

*41.9 percent of faculty across the four campuses described themselves as Democrats.

*17.5 percent of Boulder students identify as atheist

*17 percent of students on all four campuses reported experiencing prejudice or discrimination “sometimes” or “frequently.”

*66.1 percent of all respondents said the university is racially and ethnically diverse.

In all, 9,301 people completed the survey, which is more than 12 percent of university students, faculty and staff members across the four campuses.