Police dogs train in Arvada to find explosives

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ARVADA, Colo. -- Police dogs from around the nation are being trained to sniff out homemade explosives at Arvada West High School, over the next three days.

“At the ATF, we offer free training and testing of K-9 teams, to help law enforcement stay on top of the latest technology,” said ATF instructor Cody Monday. “We travel the country setting up these canine workshops year round.”

Teams are in from Utah, Wyoming, Iowa and of course Colorado.

Federal, state and county crews all use the training to help get their dog and handler certified in detecting explosives. To earn a pet degree, the pup must be able to identify 10 explosives compounds, achieving a 100 percent rate.

The newest explosive being shared with the teams, peroxide-based bombs. The program runs thru Thursday.