Car careens into garage as suspects in stolen vehicle flee police

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DENVER — A police chase ended with a serious car crash and foot pursuit Monday afternoon as several suspects slammed their vehicle into a garage and fled on foot.

Four people in a stolen car in the area of Ellsworth Avenue and Osceola Street became alarmed when they saw a police vehicle about 2 p.m., Denver police said.

The officers were in the neighborhood for another reason and were not initially aware of the stolen vehicle’s status, the Denver Police Department said.

The suspect driver sped off, eventually rolling the vehicle into a garage near Osceola and Newton Street, some four miles away. A man and a woman bailed from the car and ran down a nearby alley, but were caught.

A total of four people were in police custody. One woman told police she is pregnant.

No one was in the garage at the time of the crash. However the building was damaged and there were concerns about a potential structure fire.