WATCH LIVE: ‘Channel 2 Daybreak’

Daybreak Delights: Drumstick cupcakes

Stacy Walker from Happy Cakes shows us how to make Drumstick cupcakes.

Drumstick Cupcakes

vanilla cupcakes

vanilla buttercream

chocolate ganache (recipe below)

caramel filling (optional)

chopped peanuts
Chocolate Ganache

3/4 c heavy cream

3 c chocolate chips

1 oz butter

1 tsp vanilla extract
Place chocolate chips in a bowl, set aside.

Heat heavy cream on the stove until hot (little bubbles around edge of pan).

Pour hot cream over chocolate chips and let set about 5 minutes to soften chocolate. Whisk chocolate, cream mixture until smooth. Add butter and vanilla and continue whisking until butter is melted and incorporated into the chocolate mixture.

Next, build the cupcakes:

If desired, fill cupcake with caramel or chocolate filling.

Frost each cupcake with a swirl of vanilla buttercream, then dip in the chocolate ganache to cover most the frosting. Allow the ganache to set for a couple of seconds, then roll the the ganache in chopped peanuts to cover.

and voila…..a classic & tasty summer treat, in cupcake form!