2 arrested during Denver robbery in which officer shot at dog

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DENVER -- A Denver Police officer opened fire at a dog that was "poised to attack him" while responding to a home robbery Tuesday afternoon that resulted in two arrests.

According to Denver Police, the owner of a home on Wabash Street and E. Colfax Avenue was assaulted by a man and a woman who broke into his house.

The victim was able to escape and called 911 from a neighbor's home.

Officers arrived and took two people into custody, police said.  Their names have not been released.

As police were clearing the scene, a dog got out of its enclosure down the street and came running down the block toward an officer. The officer thought the dog was going to attack him, police said, so he opened fire at the animal, but did not hit it.

While he was retreating, the same officer fell down and injured himself. He along with the homeowner were taken to a local hospital for treatment, police said. The officer suffered only a minor injury.

The dog was not injured and was captured by animal control officers, police said.

A woman who claimed to be taking care of the dog told FOX31 Denver reporter Julie Hayden that the dog is an American Bulldog puppy named Giant.

However, neighbors disputed that saying the animal was actually a pit bull. Pit bulls are illegal in Denver.

Animal control officers will keep custody of the dog until it's breed can be established, police said.

The woman told Hayden that she understood why the officer might have felt threatened, but that Giant would not have harmed him.

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