Rent-A-Chicken service helps build couple’s nest egg

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BRIGHTON, Colo. — If you didn’t know it was happening in a barnyard, you might get the wrong idea here.  A retired couple – making extra money – by renting out girls, to total strangers, on Craigslist?

I have a flock of about 45 that are my girls,” Jann Symons said.  “We want to make sure they’re a good match for our girls, and our girls are a good match for them.”

They’re chicks, providing companionship – and even breakfast the next day.

This is Rent-A-Chicken, the Front Range’s newest franchise.

“You can’t not laugh when you hear ‘rent a chicken,’” said Jim Perry, her husband and business partner.

“The response has just been phenomenal.  I’m ecstatic with it,” Symons said.

For $400 a year, you get a pre-fab home for your feathered friend, and everything else you need.

“We will bring out a coop, two hens laying eggs, feed, bedding, instructions, whole nine yards, teach them and answer all their questions,” Symons said.

Soon you’ll have a new pet, and about a dozen fresh eggs a week.

“The cool thing about this is, they don’t need to know anything about chickens, zero,” Perry said.

For Perry and Symons, business is booming, with more and more Denverites desiring a taste of country living.

“Every night I’m scrambling trying to call people back and figure out how we can deliver chickens to them,” Symons said.

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