UPDATE: DPD responds to officer seen shoving man multiple times at Coors Field

NOTE: There is language in the video that some viewers might find offensive.

DENVER — A video posted to YouTube shows a man at Coors Field being pushed multiple times by Denver Police Capt. Joe Black, and the department’s Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating the incident.

In the posting by MostWatched01 on Wednesday, it says Patrick Benson says the man being detained is his co-worker Alex Buck of Denver and that the incident began when stadium staff assumed there was underage drinking.

As Black allows Buck to give his version, when he does not follow a command to sit down, the officer is seen shoving Alex multiple times. Alex demands to be shoved again and then is handcuffed.

“All he had to do is shut up and he would have left,” the officer can be heard saying.

Buck then continues to spout about his rights and when asked if he had been drinking, he says, “I’ve had three beers at Coors Field in Colorado of the United States of America.”

At the end of the video, another officer can be heard saying Buck was being physically ejected for trespassing because he refused to leave.

On Thursday night, the Denver Police Department responded on Twitter to the video: