Colorado family snaps selfie with Obama in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Parker family vacationing in Kansas City got a big surprise when President Barack Obama showed up at the restaurant where they were eating.

Natalie Corrado, her son and his friend even got a selfie with the president in the background.


It happened when the president visited Arthur Bryant's Barbeque on Wednesday.

"He said hi to to everyone and it was pretty nice," Corrado said. "He might not be my favorite, but he still came in, said hi and was respectful to say hi to every table and then went and ordered."

The president had some in unexpectedly and asked for coleslaw, but the restaurant had run out.

"I think the kids ate it and I guess it was sold out by the time he got there, so it was sad," Corrado said. "I'm sure the kids woulda given up their coleslaw for him."

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