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Park Hill residents vote to remove barricade; approve new plans to reduce violence

Barrier at 33rd and Hudson in Denver's Park Hill neighborhood

Barrier at 33rd and Hudson in Denver's Park Hill neighborhood

DENVER — A barrier placed at 33rd and Hudson in northeast Denver has been credited with reducing crime in the neighborhood.

The 3-1/2 foot structure was set in place at the end of June to help curb violence in this section of Park Hill, near Holly Square.

So far, the barrier seems to be helping. It stops cars from driving through and has reduced the number of drive-by shootings.

But some in the community say they were never told the barricade was coming, and it hurts traffic to neighborhood businesses.

A community meeting was held Monday night about the controversial wall. Residents came up with a plan that will hopefully keep the violence down, and allow the barricade to come down by the end of the summer as well.

They want to add crosswalks, diagonal parking and extend the corners at intersections. The idea is narrower streets will make it more difficult for criminals to speed away.

But permanent change requires more than just changing the streets. “We`re saying that if we take more ownership and do some things that we can do in the community it can impact the community just like the barricades,” says Brother Jeff Fark of CESPED Task Force.

Residents also want more police to patrol the area and add programs and activities for the kids.

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