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Land’s End faces backlash over sending free issues of racy magazine to some customers

Land's End

DENVER — Lands’ End, a traditional family friendly clothing company, is facing a public backlash after sending copies of G.Q. magazine to customers without their permission.

The magazine in question, which features a woman nearly topless on the cover, was sent to customers who’ve spent $100 with the company in the last month. The company was attempting to reward high value customers with a free subscription but instead customers vented to the company on social media.

One mother, who posted to the company’s Facebook page, demanded answers. “Just got GQ in my mailbox, thanks to your company, and I had to spend quite a while talking to the very confused and horrified child who brought the mail in today,” added the disgruntled customer.

The company is responding quickly and publically. FOX31 Denver contacted the company about the incident, they replied with a statement on Wednesday.

“Lands’ End values our customers and we deeply apologize. Our intention was to provide an added benefit to our customers by offering subscriptions to various lifestyle magazine titles.  In the future, we will work more closely to assess content to make sure it is aligned with our well-known, long-held company values and those of our customers,” said a company spokesperson.

Metro state marketing professor Darin Duber Smith said the company made the right move by quickly apologizing and he believes customers are likely to forgive and forget.

“I think that if you apologize and do the right thing and offer reparations then most customers will come back.” said Smith. The company is issuing a public apology and promised customers will now only receive family-friendly magazines.

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  • CVR

    Wow…I just lost a lot of respect for Land’s End customers. A “horrified child” because of a magazine cover. You need to be raising your children with a broader view of the world. I cannot believe she used the word “horrified”. Imagine the amount of psychotherapy that child will need…;)

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