Vicky Evans, Chris Tomer accept Ice Bucket Challenge

By now you’ve seen the Ice Bucket Challenge that’s gone wildly viral in effort to raise money and awareness for ALS. The challenge now hit the Daybreak crew.

Traffic Reporter, Vicky Evans was challenged by a fellow Denver traffic reporter. In attempt to add some Vegas flare, she brought in help from Elvis to dump the icy bath.

Vicky then challenged Meteorologist Chris Tomer and the Sky2 crew, Cody Crouch & Matt Fess.

Chris accepted the challenge on the spot and instituted help from some Vegas showgirls for his icy support of the degenerative disease. He then challenged fellow Meteorologist, Laura Velasquez.

Where did Elvis and the showgirls come from you ask? That’s just a regular Monday in the TV world.

You’re up Cody & Matt! Join us tomorrow on Daybreak to see Sky2 accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

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