Police find suspicious object at bank; nearby schools secured

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AURORA, Colo. — A bomb scare Wednesday outside an Aurora bank triggered two nearby schools to close access to their campuses–along with several streets for hours.

It was probably the last thing anyone expected at 1st Bank at 25541 Smoky Hill Rd. just after 9 a.m.

Aurora Police evacuated and closed the bank after a man driving an RV walked in and started talking.

“He made comments about there’s something dangerous. He made comments that we need to wrap up his RV in plastic. He made some other comments about Hiroshima, and the end of the world,” says Sgt. Chris Amsler of Aurora Police.

Police shut down several streets, including Smoky Hill and Arapahoe Roads.

“I was on my way to Parker to babysit my granddaughter and they got everything blocked off in every direction,” says Denver motorist Robert Pigford.

And Cherry Creek School District put “secured perimeters” around Cherokee Trail High School and Fox Ridge Middle School.

“They’re not releasing kids or letting anyone in or out,” concerned mom, Latasha Bradley said.

Police then sent in a bomb robot to explore the potential danger.

The robot brought out a suspicious package, wrapped in a towel and duct tape.

Bomb experts with Arapahoe County investigated. They opened the package and found out it was a box.

“They examined it, and found what appear to be old documents. There was also a bottle with liquid,” says Sgt. Amsler.

Aurora Fire hazardous materials crews checked out the oil-based liquid to make sure it wasn’t dangerous.

The liquid was harmless.

No crime was committed in this incident. Police won’t charge the man with any crimes because they say he never actually threatened anyone with a bomb or explosive.

Since the man is not being charged, he won’t be identified either. Instead, he’s being evaluated at the hospital.