Report: Each time DIA train message changes, city pays $1,500

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Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport

DENVER — It has become a familiar tune to Coloradans and to those traveling to our fair state. And it’s netting the guy who wrote it a pretty penny.

Jim Green is the composer of the jingle that greets passengers boarding the underground train at Denver International Airport, according to a recent report in the Westword. And each time the city wants to the change the greeting before the jingle — be it a recorded message from Mayor Michael Hancock, Governor John Hickenlooper or Broncos President John Elway — Green has to adjust that recording at a cost of up to $400.

And Green’s not the only one cashing in. Bombardier, the company that manages the train, charges over $1,000 in labor fees for each changed message.

All told, Westword reports, each time the message is altered, it takes about $1,500 out of DIA’s art budget.

How many times has the message been changed?

Since Hancock took over as Mayor in 2011, he has personally recorded over two dozen messages, according to the report, ranging from generic statements about the state’s hiking trails and museums to a personal greeting to members of his wife’s former college sorority.