Colorado’s Farm to Table: The Burgerado

The Cooking Cardiologist, Dr. Richard Collins, shows us how to make the burgerado.

Colorado’s food table is in full swing of seasonal locally grown fresh produce and this hamburger is a healthy expression of what is available within our local communities. Let this Burgerado be an expression of Colorado. Our local bison is grass feed, organic and leaner with more omega good fats than beef. The grilled Palisade peaches create a sweet smoky taste with the savory flavor from the burger and the goat cheese….all wrapped in a locally baked bun. Enjoy!



1 pound freshly ground lean organic bison, divided into 4 patties

1 Colorado Palisade peaches, peeled, seeded and sliced into ¼ inch thickness

4 T fresh goat cheese, such as Haystack Mountain Goat Cheese, Longmont or goat cheese from Avalanche Cheese Company, Basalt, CO.

1 bunch fresh baby arugula

4 hamburger buns, Rudi Bakery or Udi’s Gluten Free hamburger buns

Salt and pepper


On a medium grill surface (completely cleaned and oiled), grill the peaches turning once to create grill marks. Remove and set aside. Add seasoning to the bison and grill until internal temperature is at least 1600 F. Toast the buns on the grill surface, avoiding charring. Watch carefully. Assemble the burger with the meat patty followed by the grilled peach and then the goat cheese. Top with arugula and the bun top.


Serves four. Serving size: 1 burger

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