2 Denver agencies look into how minority contracts are awarded

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New hotel under construction at Denver International Airport

New hotel under construction at Denver International Airport

DENVER — The Minority/Women Business Enterprise program is getting audited by Economic Development and the City Auditor’s Office. The two agencies are looking into whether a $39 million contract awarded to a black/women owned business may have violated any of the program’s accounting guidelines.

“We are doing our audit, to find out if the contract to Burgess Services is in order,” said Auditor spokesman Denis Berckefeldt. “We have no reason to believe anything illegal was done, as in the contract firm owner Denise Burgess promised to sub-contract work out to two other companies with the skills to perform the work needed at the airport.”

City Councilor Albus Brooks said the M/WBE program is federal but run with city oversight.

“We want to make sure the program is being operated correctly which is why Economic Development is also looking into all contracts let by the program. If anything is amiss the Council will definitely correct  the problems.”

The Auditor’s report is due in December, while the ECODEVO audit is due in September.


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