Colorado Springs crowd: ‘lock her up,’ Trump: ‘I’m starting to agree’

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump stopped in Colorado Springs on Friday, speaking to a crowd at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs.

It was his first public event since the Democratic National Convention ended.

Here are a few notable excerpts from his speech.

He’s starting to agree with “lock her up”

The crowd in Colorado Springs began chanting “lock her up,” aimed at Hillary Clinton, as many people did at the Republican National Convention.

Trump responded by saying, “You know what? I’ve been saying… let’s just beat her on November 8.” He went on to say, “You know what, I’m starting to agree with you! I’ll tell you, I’m tired of saying that.”

“You know, it’s interesting. Every time I mention her, everyone screams ‘lock her up, lock her up.’ They keep screaming. And you know what I do? I’ve been nice. But after watching that performance last night — such lies — I don’t have to be so nice anymore. I’m taking the gloves off.”

Bernie Sanders “sold his soul to the devil”

Looking back to the DNC, Trump said, “[Hillary] was thanking Bernie and talking about Bernie, and he’s sitting there, like, glum. Did you notice that?  No smile.  His wife pats him on the back and she pulled her hand away, whoa.”

“He sold his soul to the devil. He did.  He had a great thing.  I was so surprised, ‘cause he seemed like a tough guy.  He was like tough, tough, tough, tough, and, in the end, he folded.”

Hillary’s DNC speech “was average”

“I watched her last night giving a speech that was so average and I watched last night as the network said, ‘it was alright, it was good, they were fine’ and then I watched this morning…’it was unbelievable’, ‘it was so wonderful.’ It wasn’t wonderful folks,” Trump said.

Is the fire marshal a “Hillary person”?

Throughout his speech, Trump express his displeasure with the fire marshal limiting how many people could be in the room, saying, “they don’t know what the hell they’re doing.”

“We have thousands of people in a room next door, we have plenty of space here, we have thousands of people outside trying to get in and we have a fire marshal that said, ‘no we can’t allow more people.’ And it really is so unfair to the people, I’m so sorry and I have to apologize, but it’s not my fault. I just came here. But we have thousands of beautiful, wonderful, great people, outside, and we have in the room next door over a thousand people they won’t let them in. And the reason they won’t let them in is because they don’t know what the hell they’re doing, that’s why, okay. Too bad. That’s why our country has probably- hey maybe they’re a Hillary person, could that be possible? Probably, I don’t think there are too many of them. I don’t think there are too many of them, anyway they set up a screen in the other room, they set up something outside, but what a disgraceful situation.”


Some details in this story via CNN Newsource.