Clinton to visit the Knotty Tie Co. in Denver Wednesday

DENVER -- While most of the cameras will be fixated on Hillary Clinton at Adams City High School Wednesday during her rally, one business in the Santa Fe Arts District is prepping for a very special visit.

FOX31 Denver political reporter Joe St. George has learned that Clinton will make a stop at the Knotty Tie Co. in Denver.

Clinton’s visit comes just days after she indirectly mentioned the company during her convention speech.

“What part of America first leads him to make Trump Ties in China, not Colorado,” Clinton said.

“I didn’t expect anything like that to happen,” Austin Allan, the manufacturing director, said in response to the visit.

“She is going to come in and take a tour to see how the manufacturing process works,” Allan said.

Knotty Tie is unique in that it uses resettled refuges from third world countries to manufacture their custom made products.

People like Mark – from Rwanda – who is hoping for a picture on Wednesday.

“We need to take a picture with her – it would be real nice,” Mark said.

The Knotty Tie Co. design team was busy Tuesday working on various scarf designs for the Democratic Party nominee. They plan on presenting them to her during her visit.

Custom made ties start at $45.