Health department shuts down restaurant, but it allegedly kept operating

Unlicensed restaurant

DENVER — An unlicensed restaurant in Park Hill has been the latest target for health inspectors. It’s an appliance store turned makeshift Jamaican food spot that doesn’t have proper plumbing.

Denver health inspectors shut the place down in July, but the Problem Solvers visited the restaurant on Tuesday and it looked very much open.

The business was lacking soap, washing stations and food thermometers, all critical violations for the health department.

“A lot of that was lacking in a facility like this, it doesn’t have the required plumbing and doesn’t have commercial equipment,” said Danica Lee with the Denver Public Health Inspections Division.

Lee was notified the business seemed open and a health inspector was sent to spot on East 33rd Avenue. But the doors closed right after crews left.

The kitchen also had a domestic oven and refrigerator, not commercial.

“The food safety regulations are in place for a reason and they’re designed to keep consumers safe and reduce hazards,” Lee said.

Owner Peter Williams said he wants to make it right, but first he must appear in court to address the violations.

Health inspectors want to encourage anyone who sees an unlicensed food vendor to report it to 311.