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Jefferson County Public School board votes to put $500 million bond issue on ballot

GOLDEN, Colo. -- Jefferson County voters will have an expensive decision to make in November after the Jefferson County School board voted unanimously to place a $535 million bond issue on the ballot. It's the largest amount ever put before voters.

The school board said the money would be used to improve facilities in the district, update technology, and improve things such as plumbing, and electrical and mechanical systems.

The district, the second-largest in the state, claims it's way behind the curve when it comes to maintaining its 110 school buildings.

The owner of a #300,000 home would pay nearly $150 a year more in property taxes. Businesses would pay more than $540 a year on the same $300,000 valuation. That includes the approval of a $33 million mill override, too.

Some board members said it's way too much money, but it's not as much as Denver voters will be asked to approve. They're looking at a bond worth $628 million in the November vote.