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Report: Cargo shorts aren’t cool anymore

(Photo: ThinkStock)

(Photo: ThinkStock)

Still wearing cargo shorts? It may be time to hang them up. In the trash.

Sales of cargo shorts are down for the first time in a decade, NPR reported Wednesday.

“Cargo shorts were a big trend in the ’90s, which is not in this century, by the way,” Steve Inskeep reminded listeners on NPR’s Morning Edition.

And the Wall Street Journal just published a scathing report about the impact they can have on your marriage, called “Nice Cargo Shorts! You’re Sleeping on the Sofa.”

The WSJ actually talked to a guy who wrote his Ph.D. on the cargo shorts phenomenon.

“With the rise of gadgets, cargo shorts became really popular, because not only were they fashionable for the time period, they were functional,” the WSJ quoted Joseph Hancock, a design and merchandising professor at Drexel University, as saying.

The popularity of the boxy, utilitarian shorts also coincided with the rise of teen fashion retailers like Abercrombie & Fitch, the WSJ stated.

“Those teenagers are now married, and they don’t get rid of their clothes. They don’t evolve,” Hancock told the WSJ.

I decided to ask people in our newsroom how they feel about the suddenly-controversial clothing option.

Logan, a 25-year-old assignment editor, wasn’t even sure she knew what I was asking about.

“Cargo shorts? Those old school things with a pocket for a hammer?” Logan asked. “If my boyfriend was wearing them, I’d probably be like ‘Really?'”

“I have a camo pair, I wore them this morning to walk the dog,” said Meteorologist Matt Makens. “My wife loves them.”

I tried to confirm this with his wife, Hillary. Her expression is hard to put into words. Confusion? Disgust?

“Do I LIKE them? If we’re going to the beach. Or DisneyWorld. Somewhere I need him to hold stuff for me,” Hillary explained.

Now the battle over the military-style shorts is on, with people on both sides venting their feelings on social media.