13 rescued bears now call Colorado home

KEENESBURG, Colo. -- Thirteen may be an unlucky number, but for the 13 bears rescued from the state of Ohio, they are lucky to be here.

The bears are here as a result of Ohio's Dangerous Wild Animal Act. “They, [state officials], slowly accumulated a lot of bears from different places and when they finally had a whole house full of them, the 13 bears, they called us and said 'hey, we got to find a home for them,'” said Pat Craig, Wild Animal Sanctuary Executive Director.

The bears were living in backyard cages, roadside zoos and small circuses before being surrendered to state wildlife handlers.

At the Wild Animal Sanctuary near Keensburg, the battered and bruised bruins were in for a very pleasant surprise, “Here they will actually have a natural habitat which is about as close as it’s going to get to being in the wild.  They will have twenty acres to run freely on. They have underground dens, they have above ground dens. They have a pond over there. They have water tanks. They have great food delivered daily,” Craig said.

Bears can eat up to 40-50 pounds of food every day. “We’ve got everything from fruits and vegetables, which they love of course, to even meats.  Bears are omnivores like people.”

From roadside tourist traps to the Wild Animal Sanctuary, finally, these few, these lucky few, these band of bears will finally get to do what they do best. Act like a bear.