Couple caring for abandoned horse could use some help

ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. -- Some Adams County neighbors need some help taking care of a horse they rescued, after it was abandoned and left to die.

Peggy Tipton said, “It’s heartbreaking, this horse was dying and no one was helping it.”

She realized her neighbors had left the horse behind after they moved and no one was gong to take care of it.

She called Gary and Mary Beth Spears, other neighbors, who stepped in and brought the horse to their farm.

Gary Spears said he’s been around horses all his life but never saw one in this kind of condition.

The horse is extremely thin, it’s mane never combed and it’s hooves never trimmed.

Spears said it clearly never had any training or much interaction with people at all. They said it appears the horse spent it’s whole life in a tiny pen.

The Spears have taken the horse in and named him Rascal.

They said they are doing their best but Rascal is a lot for them to handle on their own. “We’d like to have some help. We’d like to have some experts that could tell us more. We’re just kind of ad-libbing as we go.”

He’s built a temporary pen and is nursing the horse back to health. Spears said horse rescue organizations told him it would be almost impossible to auction Rascal since they do not have ownership papers and he is not trained.

But the Spears don’t want to see Rascal put down. “You can see he’s not a mean horse. He wants to be loved and that’s what we want for him.”  Spears also said, “We’re going to make sure the little guy gets a home and if someone wants to adopt him that would be great.”