Community steps up to help abused, abandoned horse ‘Rascal’



DENVER — A positive update on the case of an abused and abandoned horse FOX31 Problem Solvers told you about Thursday.

Gary and Mary Beth Spears rescued Rascal after another neighbor moved away and left the horse to die.

They realized the needed help after they saw the bad condition the horse was in.

Rascal’s GoFundMe page is getting strong response and Problem Solvers received numerous calls and emails offering help.

Rascal spent his entire life in a tiny pen without any shelter or human interaction.

His hooves have never been trimmed and he was starving to death.

Experts told us they see cases like Rascal far too often.

They said people lose interest or the financial ability to take care of a horse and abandoned it.

The Spears said Rascal is a wonderful horse who deserves to have a good life and be loved.