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World’s largest model train shop, Denver landmark facing uncertain future

Caboose Hobbies

DENVER — The world’s largest model train store and Denver landmark for nearly 80 years is facing an uncertain future.

Caboose Hobbies on South Broadway was told a couple weeks ago that the lease at their current location would not be renewed.

“I’m going to miss it a lot,” owner Duane Miller said. “South Broadway is changing. There is a lot of different looks around here. I knew it would happen, just (didn’t know) when.”

Miller wants to emphasize that the store is not closing; however, the next stop remains unknown.

“I’m looking around to see how to run this place in a different way,” he said. “It’s going to be a challenge because the industry is challenging.”

The owners are considering moving into a warehouse facility where they will still have store access for customers, as well as storage for online orders. Miller says that about half of his sales are online orders mailed to customers.

Customers come from all over the world to view the model train displays, and for those in Colorado it has become a family event.

“It’s been here forever, we came down as kids,” said Devon Parish, visiting with her husband and two young sons. “We would come here almost every weekend and spend time buying trains or just visiting or buying books.”

Caboose Hobbies has been around since 1938, and moved to its South Broadway location in 1981. Miller says the landlord plans to sell the building.

The store will remain open until October when they will have to move out.