Denver council president Albus Brooks returns after cancer surgery

Denver City Council President Albus Brooks

Denver City Council President Albus Brooks

DENVER — Denver City Councilman returned to work Monday after taking some time off to have large tumor removed.

Five weeks ago he learned he had a 15-pound cancerous growth in his pelvis.

The council president had to have two surgeries in order to remove the tumor.

The good news is that he returned to work cancer-free.

He said he’s still a little weak but he received a clean bill of health from his doctors.

The cancer diagnosis shocked the 37-year-old after he feeling stiffness in his spine and pelvis. Doctors said he had cancer that forms fro cartilage cells.

Surgeons removed the tumor July 5 and before his second surgery July 18, he lost his father due to heart complications.

The same day as his second surgery, Brooks’ co-workers elected him Denver City Council president. He returned Monday to fill the job three weeks after his doctors told him the surgeries were successful.