Mile High Stadium returns, sort of

DENVER -- Drive by Sports Authority Field nowadays and you'll experience a flashback. It's on the north side of the stadium, right there in the parking lot. It looks very familiar, kind of like an old friend.

There it is, in all it's tiny glory.

They call it Mini Mile High. "I couldn't believe it because I loved the old Mile High and it's just an amazing little replica and I love it," said Broncos fan Tandi Donaldson. Donaldson and her children Evie and Grayson think Denver's dinky digs were so realistic, "I thought it was the real stadium," 6-year-old Evie said.

Reliable sources said Mini Mile High will be a permanent attraction.

A scaled-down version of the beloved long gone gridiron that is built on the exact same spot as the original, "Yeah, that's right. They were saying on our tour just right behind it was home plate for the old Denver Bears. So it's right there in the middle of the field where it used to be," another Broncos fan said while touring Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

What exactly Mini Mile High will be used for is still shrouded in secrecy, but the million dollar question is, who's gonna' have the naming rights?

Maybe Tiny Town Stadium.