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Trending on Aug. 10

Obviously the Olympics in Rio are all the talk this week, but the buzz isn't just about the athletes. We looked at some of the odd jobs required for the competitions - like "sweat mopper" - and how watching the amazing athletes makes people feel about their own accomplishments (or lack thereof!)

Speaking of world-class athletes, if you think Peyton Manning is spending his retirement eating chicken parm in a bathrobe, think again. Instead of throwing the pigskin, he's been out catching fish with country singer Dierks Bentley. You've gotta see the whopper Manning caught!

And, sending the kids back to school can be an emotional time for parents. But one mom in Alabama wasn't shedding any tears. She posted a photo of herself leaping for joy, with her five kids behind her, looking mortified. It's the perfect celebration for the unofficial holiday of "Parents' Indepedence Day."