Car crash victim becomes child safety seat advocate


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Single mother Ashley Green lives to serve her country,.

“I’m an Air Force staff sargent,” she said.

And her children, Ava and Cayden, are her life.

Being a mom, when she’s driving her kids in the car, she’s a firm believer in “arrive alive.” She wouldn’t dream of leaving home without child safety seats properly installed in her car.

Green feels strongly about child safety seats, and for good reason. It saved her daughter Ava.

In February 2014, Green was on her way to the hospital, about to give birth to Cayden. Her husband, who was driving, ran a red light at 45 mph.

“The other vehicle was going about 70 mph,” Green said.

The collision was devastating, especially to 3-year-old Ava.

“Her face was half covered in blood. She’s sitting in her seat and in my mind as a parent, she’s gone,” Green said.

But Ava survived the crash because, Green said, of her car seat. Now, so moved by that experience, Green has become a certified child seat safety tech. She wants to help parents avoid, or at least minimize, what she went through.

In addition to her full-time job in the Air Force, Green teaches and shows parents the proper way of installing safety seats in automobiles.

Her goal is simple.

“The biggest impact is knowing that I saved a life,” she said.