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Wasps invade neighborhoods, pest control companies busy

DENVER -- A pesky pest is generating a big buzz in neighborhoods across the Denver metro.

Wasps are invading homes, and stores are having a hard time keeping traps and baits on shelves.

We humans aren't the only ones enjoying this warm weather. Taking up residence in the cracks and crevices of metro homes and gardens, stinging insects are a problem that’s causing Whitmore Pest & Wildlife Control’s phone to ring off the hook.

“Wasps right now, it`s the heat of the season,” said co-owner Wilson Christner. “They strike the same fear in everyone,” he said.

“We started seeing people’s calls for wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, everything, as early as April,” said Christner.

On a call at a Lakewood back patio, Christner found nests all along the roof line.

“Sometimes you do get a huge nest but in this particular situation I`m assuming that there`s a bunch of small ones,” he said, adding, “The wasp problems are more prevalent in aluminum and tile sidings and then again the tile roofs because there`s so many gaps for them to build nests under.”

Nests are also found inside a light fixture, tucked away in a corner and swarming a tree.

“Kind of the art for me is the art of surprise, you walk right up and just do it and get out,” he said.

Christner said wasps are especially active in high temperatures which is why more people are seeing the problem.

“They are very territorial and protective of their territory, more so as the season progresses,” he said.

At Littleton Ace Hardware wasp bait and traps are flying off the shelves.

“All these are fairly similar. There`s an attractant in it and they can hang it from anywhere,” Bob Bevins said.

Christner said when all else fails, it’s best to call in a professional.

“We get the call because they got stung,” he said.

Wasp's can be deadly to both humans and pets if they're allergic to their venom, though it is fairly uncommon with just a single sting.

The best thing you can do is not disturb them as they are very territorial and quickly retaliate with their friends.