Denver food pantry to close citing lack of funding

acs.JPG DENVER — A West Denver food pantry and free medical clinic will be forced to close its doors, citing a lack of funding.

The Denver Adventist Community Service Center, located along West 1st Avenue near Sheridan Boulevard in the Barnum neighborhood, is set to close its doors for good next week.

A volunteer told the FOX31 Problem Solvers that the center serves a lot of senior citizens on a fixed income, and families who just need to put food on the table.

It was just a few months ago in April, that the nonprofit group Rebuilding Together” helped to give the ACS Community LIFE Center a renovation.

But in just five days, the center will close for good.

The center relied on funding and financial support from the Rocky Mountain Conference, who determined they could no longer fund the center sufficiently. The Executive Committee voted “to reluctantly recognize the need to close ACS LIFT at this time due to lack of funding and support from constituent churches,” according to a press release given to the Problem Solvers.

“I know there`s a need in the community, a huge need,” Janie Gianotsis of Food Bank of the Rockies said, adding many Colorado families are forced to make tough choices between paying rent, buying much-needed medication, or food.

“Homeless people are only about 14 percent of the people that we serve at the food bank,” she said. “The majority of them are working or they are families that are struggling, or like you said, the seniors, people who have health issues. It`s definitely real.”

The ACS Community LIFT center has been a fixture along 1st Avenue for close to 40 years. According to a post on their Facebook page, just last week they served 130 families, 342 people.

So the Problem Solvers tracked down other food pantries nearby that may be able to help, once the center closes.

To find a location near you, go to the Food Bank of the Rockies website. Click “find help” on the map, select your location and type in your zip code and you can locate pantries near you.

You can also call the free hunger hotline, 720-382-2920.

The Rocky Mountain Conference told the Problem Solvers that after selling the building and assets, and paying off debts, any leftover funds will be used as potential seed money for future operations.

There are five other food pantry locations near ACS.

Community Ministries Southwest

1755 S. Zuni St. Denver, CO 80223
303 935-3428

Praise Center Church

3105 W. Florida Ave Denver, CO 80219

Anthony’s Food Bank

3801 W. Ohio Ave Denver, CO 80219
303-935-2431 x3301

Denver Indian Center

4407 Morrison Rd Denver, CO 80219

Redeemer Lutheran Church

3300 W. Nevada Place Denver, CO 80219