Woman allegedly beaten by Adams County sheriff’s deputy discusses assault


DENVER — A woman allegedly beaten by a longtime Adams County sheriff’s deputy is speaking out about the domestic assault.

Dean Dominguez , 42, pleaded not guilty in court on Friday to assault, disturbing the peace and wrongs to minors charges. He was released after posting a $550 bond.

Dominguez’s wife is the alleged victim. She said she feels ashamed by what happened.

“It’s a dark secret that I don’t want,” she said.

But experts said that’s a common reaction. Victims are often reluctant to report domestic assault because they feel they are to blame.

Channel 2 is not naming the woman. She reached out to the station with her story. She said she’s been married to Dominguez for eight years and has been assaulted by him before.

“At first, he was just this loving, great guy,” she said. “I thought I’d hit the jackpot. But he’s a chameleon. That’s what I always say. Everybody always loves him on the outside and he’s a monster at home.”

The woman said the assault began as an argument on Wednesday night at the couple’s home when she accidentally spilled a Red Bull on the carpet. She said it quickly escalated when Dominguez picked her up and slammed her onto the living room floor.

“He just closed fist punched me, and then he grabbed my head and started shaking it into the floor,” she said.

When it was all over, the woman said her 12-year-old daughter picked up the phone and dialed 911.

“I begged her not to call the cops and she said, ‘No, he hit you. He hit you,” she said.

The woman said she feels ashamed her daughter had to make the call, but experts said that’s not unusual, either. Victims are often reluctant to come forward even if the assault has happened time and again.

“He’s thrown a chair. He’s thrown a dog kennel. He’s thrown and hit me in the face with his wedding ring,” the woman said.

The alleged victim said she called police about six years ago when Dominguez pushed her, but she claims officers swept the whole thing under the rug.

“All they did was talk to him and they laughed. They were in the driveway laughing and gossiping,” she said. “That’s why I didn’t want to call the cops because they do take care of each other.”

Channel 2 was unable to reach Dominguez for his side of the story. The Adams County Sheriff’s Office declined to comment.