Trending on Aug. 17, 2016

Author J.K. Rowling gave Potterheads a new reason to rejoice Wednesday. She announced three new short stories will be made available as e-books on September 6.

Researchers say they've come up with a way to use Instagram to detect depression. It's based, in part, on the filters you choose. Depressed people tend to use Inkwell, Crema and Willow, while happier people tend to go with Valencia, X-Pro II and Hefe. Researchers say their model is actually better at diagnosing depression that a general practitioner.

And, Buzzfeed put together a list of tweets from parents who may be just a little too honest. Some of our favorites:

"Kindergarten concert Friday. Shopping for ear plugs today." - @parentsafezone

"You made your kid a gluten-free Pikachu shaped pancake for breakfast? My son had Lunchables because that's what fell out of the fridge." - @mompsychologist

"Son: Can you teach me about fractions? Me: Sure. I love 2/3 of my kids." - @runawaycupcake