Ask The Trainer: Pure Barre Platform Class

You’ve probably heard it more than once. Switching up your workouts is key to progress. Sometimes, it’s as simple as adding a class to your routine. Now there’s a new cardio and strengthening class in Denver that promises longer and leaner muscles while blasting away calories.

It’s bursts of cardio in a barre format class. It’s called Platform. It’s at Pure Barre. The goal said owner Lindsey Girardot Teets, is “So you create that long, lean dancer muscle, really.”

She knows a thing or two about that. She used to be a professional dancer. But don’t let that scare you, she said this new class is for everyone.

“It’s low impact. Everything that we do is safe, it’s scientifically put together,” said Girardot Teets.

As long as you want to work hard.

“You’re basically holding a difficult position and then within that position you’re working very small movements.”

You’re tightening and toning and raising your heartrate.  “It really pushes your muscle group, specifically, to a place that is really hard to achieve in a different type of a workout,” Girardot Teets said.  “It’s actually boosting your metabolism, there is research on that. Boosting your strength.”

If you’re not afraid of a little sweat (or a lot) then this class is a must on your workout to-do list.

“I think it’s important to shock your muscles and challenge your body in all different ways,” said Girardot Teets.

She said you can really start to see a difference in as little as three classes.

Girardot Teets owns three Pure Barre locations, and there are locations across the Denver metro area, as well as Boulder and Colorado Springs.

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