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Possible attempted child abductor told young girl ‘Come with me’

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LITTLETON, Colo. — Police are on the lookout for an attempted child abductor after a young girl in Littleton says a stranger tried to lure her into his car Monday evening. She gave investigators a good, detailed description of the suspect.

“I turned my back for one second and that’s when it happened,” the girl’s mother told FOX31.

The nine-year-old says she was in her driveway in the 10000 block of Grand Avenue picking up toys when the man approached her. Her mother had just walked in the front door.

“She heard the car door shut. She said the car was still running. She looked over her shoulder and saw that the guy was reaching for her and that’s when he said ‘come with me’,” her mother said.

The girl quickly ran inside and the suspect took off, but she was able to give police a very detailed description of the suspect.

Here is that description according to Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office:

  • White man with tanned skin
  • 6’0”
  • Thin to medium build
  • Tattoos on both arms
  • One tattoo is a red skull which is located on his left elbow
  • Driving newer model, bright red four-door sedan

“You hear about it all the time and then to see it happen on my own street is very concerning,” said neighbor Robert Cortez.

The incident happened about a block away from Peiffer Elementary School. The Jefferson County School District sent notes home to every parent at Peiffer and about 15 other schools in Bear Creek and Dakota Ridge.

A portion of the note reads:

“Student safety is always our top priority. If your child sees anything suspicious around the neighborhood or school, report it immediately to law enforcement and notify the school. We appreciate our parent community keeping us informed of incidents that occur outside of the school day. Together we can help protect the well-being of our children.”

Peiffer had extra security on hand Tuesday. They were present outside the school during dismissal. JCSO even sent a deputy to the school as a precaution.

School officials and law enforcement are reminding parents to talk to your children about stranger danger. Tips parents should tell children include:

  • If a stranger approaches, yell or shout
  • Run away and tell an adult right away
  • Children should walk with a buddy and be aware of their surroundings

JCSO says the girl in this case did everything perfectly.

“She got such a good description of the guy, she ran, she still managed to pay attention. I’m a very proud mom and I’m so thankful that my daughter is safe,” her mom said.

If you think you know who police are looking for, you’re asked to call Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP.