Denver Zoo: Dolly the elephant receiving ‘hospice-style care’

(Photo: Denver Zoo)

(Photo: Denver Zoo)

DENVER — The Denver Zoo is preparing to say goodbye to Dolly the Asian elephant. Officials announced Wednesday that she is now receiving “hospice-style care.”

Dolly was born in the wild so her exact age isn’t known, but experts believe she is at least 52 years old. The average life expectancy for female Asian elephants in zoos is 46.9, officials stated on Facebook.

Zoo officials said Dolly’s health has declined gradually, however she is now “experiencing discomfort and has had a decrease in her appetite.”

Zookeepers and veterinarians are monitoring her condition and providing medication to keep her comfortable, officials stated.

“Dolly is currently resting behind the scenes of Toyota Elephant Passage. On good days, if she wishes, she can be seen in the exhibit’s Koelbel Family Elephant Parlor in the Clayton F. Freiheit Elephant House,” officials stated.

“If you have any memories or thoughts you would like to share with our staff during this difficult time, please visit Toyota Elephant Passage and leave a note on one of our elephant cards in the exhibit or leave your message in the comments section [on Facebook.] Thank you for your support.”