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2 baby marmosets born at the Denver Zoo

marmoset babies

DENVER — You’ll have to look closely, but you can see two new babies at the Denver Zoo!

Two white-fronted marmosets were born at the zoo on Saturday, Aug. 20.

They were born to parents Groot and Nakata, and join a brother, Rocket, zoo officials announced Tuesday.

“They’re a little hard to see because they’re still so small, so bring a camera with a good zoom on it!” officials said on Facebook.

You can see the new babies in the Emerald Forest Building in Primate Panorama.

The babies won’t develop white markings until they are about five months old, according to experts at the Cleveland Zoo.

White-fronted marmosets are native to southeastern Brazil and eat fruits, insects, plant gums, flowers, nectar, frogs, snails and spiders in the wild.

Their lifespan is five to 10 years in the wild and seven to 16 years in captivity.